MoonFleet is a continuation of previous bands which have changed members and format over a few years starting as Stampede evolving into Doc Clarke’s Remedy, The LeftOvers and now MoonFleet.

Here is an interesting summary of how Lynn Targett, one of our very talented lead singers remembers the beginnings and origins of the Band….

“I moved moved to Dorset in 2002, armed with a short history of learning/playing guitar and singing at folk clubs etc.  My interest lay in a wide range of music from English and American Folk, to Irish, Country, Bluegrass.

Visited a few venues, such as Dorchester Folk Club, The Elm Tree,  Fifehead Magdalen, the Sailors?   Saw Nigel Canter playing in a Bluegrass band with Johnny Butten in an upstairs room at the Pavilion.  Around the same time met Merrill and Duffy who were playing and dancing with Appalachian Dance Band, Stampede, and held practices in Duffy’s forge.   I saw them performing in Weymouth and at the time they were dancing to music from a tape recorder.  Got involved with Stampede in around 2004.  Gradually introduced live music and started learning banjo.  Other musicians  and singers joined the band –  Dave  Bradford, Micky Starkey, to name a couple.  Stampede lasted about 10 years and became quite successful.  All proceeds from gigs went to charity.

Started a Bluegrass session at Knights in the Bottom around 2006 ish.  Selfish reason for doing so was to attract musicians who would hopefully improve my banjo, guitar and singing.  Took about 18 months before I started feeling comfortable with the session and had a core of musicians whose presence ensured a good evening.  Session lasted for about 12 years.  

Met Mike Clarke around 2015 at a Bluegrass session during the Wessex Folk Festival.   Started playing and practising with Mike, and initially Dave Bradford and Micky Starkey.   Mike was known as Mike ‘Doc” Clarke, so Micky suggested we call ourselves Doc Clarke’s Remedy.  Others gradually joined the band. “

The LeftOvers perform The Dancing at 2022 Wessex Folk Festival

The LeftOvers at the Wessex Folk Festival on YouTube

The LeftOvers

Watch Doc Clarke’s Remedy on Youtube

Doc Clarkes Remedy